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About A.R.C.H. Jeeps

We are a Jeep Club thriving to help our community and be recognized as the only non-profit Jeep Club established in the Coastal Bend. Although founded in 2020 numerous members have been affiliated with the organizing and partaking in multiple annual community functions with other Jeep groups.


With goals to meet the needs of our community we will not forget about our members or the needs of circumstances that may arise by individuals needing assistance.


A.R.C.H. Jeeps was also established to help individuals with any resources to educate and bring possible knowledge to help with regular Jeep inquiries.


Although A.R.C.H. Jeeps will be a regular Club to be seen at most Jeep functions remember, community events will be our main goal! BUT DON’T GET THIS WRONG, we are a Jeep Club that wants to have just as much fun as any other Jeep group. We just want to make sure when we leave an event or function we can do it with pride and honor.

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