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About the Board of Directors


Jason and Jennifer Tillinghast

Jason and Jennifer Tillinghast have been married since 1995. They have raised 3 beautiful daughters and are now the proud grandparents of a baby boy. Jason and Jennifer are originally from Oklahoma; however, they relocated to South Texas in 2014.

​Jason and Jennifer have been members of multiple Jeep groups over the last 6 years. Although they have made great friends throughout their time in different Jeep groups, they just didn't feel they were able to achieve what they wanted most; a family of Jeep loving enthusiasts that were passionate, not only about Jeeps, but about the community and helping others. For this reason, when the idea was suggested to create A.R.C.H. Jeeps, they jumped on board and are now proud to say that they hold 2 seats on the Board of Directors.

​A message from Jason and Jennifer

We are BEYOND excited to watch this Club flourish and to see what we can accomplish as a Jeep family! We have a deep passion for Jeeps, community, family, and friends, and we are STOKED to work with every single one of you, to make this the most successful and outstanding Jeep Club in South Texas.

Vic and Lisa Uviedo


Victor and Lisa have been married for 18 years. They have raised two girls and one boy and are proud to have four grandchildren.

After retiring from the military and residing in San Antonio, TX for 10 years they decided to relocate here to the coast in 2017.


Victor and Lisa have been accountable for many memberships’ efforts such as HOA Social committee, church ministries and many fund raisers. They are passionate to the family of Jeeps and always put's community first. They will serve honorably to A.R.C.H. Jeeps as they did to our military service.


They look forward to the growth of A.R.C.H. Jeeps and cannot wait to meet every new member.

Tina Decker

Tina Decker has 1 daughter and are proud to have 1 granddaughter. Tina is originally from San Antonio but lived in Bastrop for a couple of years before deciding to move to Rockport instead of going home. She has always wanted to live in Rockport so decided to make this home.

She moved to Rockport in June of 2017 right before Hurricane Harvey. She came back two days after Harvey to help with the cleanup and rebuild in her neighborhood. She saw so many groups and individuals helping complete strangers and this impacted her in a way that would change her life forever. She knew she could do more for their community and the individuals in her community luckily this craving will be met with the establishment of A.R.C.H. Jeeps.

Tina's hobbies are fishing, craft making, cooking, barbecuing, and dog loving. If you have any helpful hints or maybe you are need of one feel free to contact us.

She is very proud to have a seat on the Board of Directors and look forward to meeting every member and joining on our common goals and values.

Mike and Jacyln Beans


Michael and Jaclyn Beans, have been under a marital contract since 2002. We have had the pleasure in raising two boys, String (Garrett) and Pinto (Chris). We transplanted to Rockport from the Fort Worth, Texas area, two weeks prior to Hurricane Harvey. The Beans Family started as a gearhead family, however, once we moved to Rockport we quickly moved from fast cars to off-road fun. We have a very Plum Crazy Purple JKU named Enchantress, with accent colors of black and silver.

Jaclyn was raised in the Masonic and Moslah Shrine Family and was a member of the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls where she served as Worthy Advisor for Fort Worth Chapter #15. Michael also is a member of Panther City Masonic Lodge #1183 in Fort Worth. Michael also served the best country in the world for 5 years in the United States Navy.

We have thoroughly enjoyed living in Rockport and seeing the community come together in times of need; whether it is relief efforts from a hurricane or helping keep small businesses afloat during a pandemic. We are super excited about A.R.C.H. Jeeps and making it the best community based nonprofit club in the Coastal Bend and we look forward to also being able to help the veterans in the Coastal Bend.

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